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Sleek | Safe | Sustainable

Welcome to EVT

EVT is a superior transportation solution providing our clients with sleek, safe, and sustainable rides. EVT owns our fleet of sustainable vehicles, ensuring that they are clean and maintained; and sets high standards for our drivers who are directly employed by EVT. Our digital platform allows us to provide a convenient experience that also advances the awareness of electric vehicles.

Family Friendly

Our clients value reliable and safe transportation. EVT challenges the status quo in a way that is unmatched. We cater to families who seek transportation they can trust.


EVT cares for our environment and the communities we serve. We aim to create awareness to environmentally responsible forms of transportation and support like-minded philanthropies.

License Opportunities

EVT is seeking aspiring entrepreneurs to join the revolution. Our progressive business model offers partners low-investment opportunities and a solid digital platform that ensures speed-to-market. To learn more, please submit your information through the “Become A Partner” portal.

Book Now

EVT takes pride in offering an excellent Client experience. We have partnered with a leading app developer to offer an exceptional digital experience for our Clients on both Android and iOS platforms.

We are presently in the Tampa, FL market with plans to expand into other markets in the near future. Please download our app here for an intuitive user-friendly experience. If you are interested in operating your own platform using our licensing model, please inquire through our "Become A Partner" portal